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Laurentie (2011)

Louis is an unassuming 20-something single man intensly going through a thick volume of Quebecois Poetry.
The opening scene gives a hint on what follows – it is a closeup on a lapdance photographed at the hip height – so that we never see the face of the dancer but perceive her body as if the audience was the receiver. Behind her is sitting the man in question – Louis whose face could not be more bored.
We slowly enter his world intermixed between masturbation acts, poetry reading and random aggressive attacks at English speaking community in the heart of French speaking Montreal. He has an on and off girlfriend Rosalie, but no dialogue between them is ever substantial. At one point I was led to believe that Louis might be gay.
Long slow takes on grainy film bring a peaceful and deceitful POV allowing to draw conclusions which get their throats cut off brutally at the very end of the story.

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The Price of Kings: Yasser Arafat (2012)

Very good documentary. To an extent depicts two sides of the same conversation which is always enriching if attempting at an objective depiction of reality.
What I missed, was a sort of introduction to the biopic commencing in medias res. The narrative begins in 1947 but it is not very clear whatever happened before. If it is a film made for those, who know the history of the area very well, I am sure it works for them. For those however, who only know the rough situation which is mentioned/presented by the media, perhaps too little has been explained as an introduction.
Still, even though not much has been said directly, the films works as a biopic of one great man in the history of the unfortunate region but also in the history of conflict resolving and bringing peace and solutions where seemingly all else failed.

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Sulla strada di casa (2011)

Fantastyczny gangsterski film drogi. Kombinacja dwóch (co najmniej gatunków) - świadomie zaplanowana i wyegzekwowana.
Włoskie kino, które jest doskonale uniwersalne, a jednocześnie głeboko osadzone w realiach lokalnych.
Świetny film!

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Sulla strada di casa (2011)

Fantastyczny gangsterski film drogi. Kombinacja dwóch (co najmniej gatunków) - świadomie zaplanowana i wyegzekwowana.
Włoskie kino, które jest doskonale uniwersalne, a jednocześnie głeboko osadzone w realiach lokalnych.
Świetny film!

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Sulla strada di casa (2011)

Fantastyczny gangsterski film drogi. Kombinacja dwóch (co najmniej gatunków) - świadomie zaplanowana i wyegzekwowana.
Włoskie kino, które jest doskonale uniwersalne, a jednocześnie głeboko osadzone w realiach lokalnych.
Świetny film!

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Bonsái (2011)

This film flows as if it was composed and not written. Very poetic, beautifully shot, carefully put together.

There is nothing I would cut. It is a fully finished entity with deep and serious, yet light and natural acting, interesting interiors and costume design.

The tale goes back and forth between now and 8 years before, telling the story of a couple of lovers from university, which is then being retold by the main protagonist who appears in both timelines. He is a struggling writer and is fascinated by Bonsai as well as Proust, whose literature magically connects to his relationship with the former girlfriend from 8 years back.

Beautiful, sensitively told and great magic cinema.

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On the Way Home (2011)

An Italian road movie. This does not sound too good. But do not judge the book by its cover and do not judge a film by the genre and country of origin!

This is a great film. On love in marriage, on reality and difficult decisions when it comes to following one’s true self and choosing between conformism and moral ideals. Great acting, setting and an intriguing plot. With a little bit of irony and a wink at American cinema, which is always appreciated, isn’t it.


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The Casserole Club (2011)

A very peculiar ballad set in the 1960′s in Californian suburbs. Careful set design, period costumes and make up. Unfortunate sound quality, disturbing cinematography and lighting. Great music and colour palette. The opening sequence brings to mind Mad Men which is an obvious comparison due to the time setting of both – the famous TV drama and the feature by Balderson. The plot is secondary to the general impression, which in my case was instead of a created coherent world, I get a fancy dress party with vintage interior decor. The actors form a very uneven ensemble and what is a great achievement on the costume and make-up side is unfortunately not supported by body language. The actors' manners, gesture and movement are very contemporary. All in all – only for those who enjoy a good artsy piece, but not for the acting and not for the plot, which did not bring anything new into my life. Too much naked male buttocks to my taste and not too much depth.

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A Thousand Kisses Deep (2010)

This film is technically perfect which allows for total immersion into the story told. The script is a masterpiece, acting superb and the omnipresent music an additional almost flesh&blood; protagonist.

The title is a direct quotation from Leonard Cohen’s famous song, obviously.

It is a powerful cinema which is deeply thought through and very carefully executed. A magic story of a life long infatuation and going back in memory of a young woman who has to cope with two deaths in her close proximity and bravely carry on with her life.

An absolute must see for those idealists who still believe in the beauty and power of story telling through cinematic techniques – like myself.

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The Most Important Thing in Life Is Not Being Dead (2010)

Three directors. Swiss-Spanish co-production. A vraie arthouse cinema. Brilliant. Surreal, poetic, magic.

This one depicts true talent and deep knowledge of the classical history of cinema (watch out for Orson Welles!). The hidden truth carried to the audience seems to be that every madness has a rational explanation.

Set in 1970′s Catalunya, a combination of black&white;, colour and animation (in the following proportions: 85%/14%/1%). Essentially this is a story of an elderly gentleman whose life and job is tuning the pianos. Jacobo has trouble sleeping and his insomnia triggers a series of confessions allowing to follow his life from youth to current times.

Fantastically paced, shot and directed – a definite recommend!

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Savage (2011)

Swedish tale with no hope for youngsters in the cursed community that only has one church, one night club, one bar and numerous young people with no future.

It’s a bitter story which is surprisingly universal and brings to mind the recent riots in London. Mainly because it is a portrait of young people who living in the consumerist society cannot find their place in the world. Partly because they refuse the uniform of a 9 to 5 job, partly because they have either no support from their parents or because their parents live in a parallel intelectual and existential vacuum.

Painful and not really shocking unfortunately. A very sad vision of contemporary world.

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Montevideo - Taste Of A Dream (2010)

Serbian candidate for the Oscar.

An American style, big studio production. With all its up and downsides. Accompanied by Balkan traditional music.

It tells the story of the formation of the national football team in 1930 in Belgrade getting ready for the World Cup in Uruguay.

Painfully long – the way Gone with the Wind was.

Interesting again for those who are into costumes and period cinema. Certainly for football fans and those familiar with the complicated Balkan Gordian Knot aka the Balkan Powder Keg political situation in the 20th century.

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All That Remains (2010)

It is a Swiss road movie. Created by yet another ensemble of directors at this year’s Raindance.

A beautiful tale told in two parallel stories of two hitchikers and their two drivers. One story is set on the famous Californian picturesque Higway 1 between Los Angeles and Big Sur, while the other is set just across the Pacific in Japan.

The pace of the movie is very slow and gradually unveils the mystery beyond the two trips.

Beautifully shot, fantastic presentation of city v. nature. Plus beautiful original soundtrack, almost all shot with natural lighting. Great cinema.
Also a great tool of a story told from voice over at the beginning of the film without the ending. That story gets it’s ending when being told again by one of the characters at the end of the film. The second time we hear the rest of the story. Such a nice narrative touch.

Allez les suisses!!!

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After Fall, Winter (2011)

Man of all trades: writer, director and main star of the film Mr Eric Schaeffer made this film as a sequel to 1997 Fall.

I haven’t seen the first part, but according to their creator the two are very loosely connected.

It is a very shakespearean drama with a cathartic (?) ending. Good performance of the leading actress Lizzie Brocheré.

It’s a nice story with a nasty ending. Worth a watch although viewers must be warned there are a lot of non-traditional sex behaviours depicted. The film is long but does not feel long as the plot grasps the audiences’ attention till the last minute.

Not my taste but this is a well-done piece of work.

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Mesocafe (2011)

Shot entirely in London this film tells the story of the Iraqi community in UK during the crucial months of February 2002 and 2003 before the war in Iraq burst out.

All the characters speak in English with heavy Arabic accents which was an intentional tool as the director wanted to convey the melody of Arabic into English. It’s a love story with political background and presents the world an average Londoner may not be aware of. A diaspora with its own bookshops, cafe’s who is connected by the country of origin. And it does not matter if they emmigrated back in 1970′s, in 1980′s or very recently.

A warm story with strong historical connections.

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Victim (2011)

Set somewhere in East End where people live in tall soulless block of flats.
A difficult tale of the vicious circle of violence and crime of which once you’re a part of, you will always come back. London is depicted as the city of extreme contrasts between wealth and poverty and how seemingly easy it is to balance on the edge of both extremes. A rich daddy’s daughter ends up flatsharing with girls who are partners in crime to three blokes burgling into rich guys’ flats & houses wooed by the girls. Somehow the brain master of the crime owns a high standard large flat and drives a ridiculously expensive car and yet his little sister attends a state school, while he copes with old time debts he struggles to pay.
There is no happy ending but there is a final message which brings us back to the title. A victim can also be the perpetrator because he is the victim of the environment. That seems painfully true even without the experience of this film.
Interesting and intertwined script.

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Gabi on the Roof in July (2010)

An urban tale of a 20-year old artist on a summer break in NYC before going back to college.Fantastic music, great colours and costumes. Plus an innovative way of story telling.

A warm cordial vision of flatsharing in NYC, of brotherly and sisterly love, of jealousy and the differences between being 20 or 20-something and being 30 or 30-something. Great music, a lot of humour and bitter-sweet situations that mix tears with laughter.

A lot of irony, sarcasm, surprising twists and turns, a lot of dialogue, a lot of talking. A great watch!

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Angel Express (1998)

A German accent on this year’s Raindance.

This is a re-cut version of a film that was originally shot and made in 1998.

Although the director was present in the audience during the Q&A;’s after the screening, it is not clear to me why he decided to re-cut the same old film 12 years after. Because it is not a Blade Runner cult like film. And unlike the famous example, this film has aged.

As many times in the cinema, this is a story of a few characters somehow connected through work/place/relationships in 1990′s Berlin. There are a few interesting faces and the plot does hold together. Yet some of its elements seem as if cut midway through the characters personal visions and stories.

One of the things worth noting is fantastic cinematography.

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Black Pond (2011)

Two young filmmakers managed to convince well known actors to take part in their indie micro budget production.

The plot is interestingly led through flashbacks and the whole film leads to the final resolution which is shown through various scenes and talking heads.

A good script but had an impression that too little has been cut. There are funny moments and very good dialogues but in all the film drags a little. Bravo for the courage and completion!

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The Black Belle (2010)

84 minutes long. This film seems like it was a great idea for a short but somebody had the money to make it a feature ignoring the fact that there was only enough material for a short.

It’s lustful and erotic and about 80 minutes too long. Filled with celebrity cast in cameo appearances such as James Duvall for example.

The main character – Belle is coupled with an attractive yet insecure boyfriend and from what we can learn about Belle’s experiences with various men, it is unclear why on earth would she want to remain in the relationship with Franklyn.

The plot falls into pieces and what would be a great idea for three, maybe four short films, was somehow glued together into one noncoherent feature of 84 minutes. No. Don’t.